About the Horse Raft

The Horse Raft is a Community Interest Company and hopes to support and engage people in the community, whether with wellbeing using horses and nature, or by a Forest Experience of sensations and learning.

There is a circular mission to the Raft in so far as if people learn to love, and experience the benefits of, their natural surroundings they will recognise the importance of conservation and so the landscape itself will benefit from the connection.

The HR has three directors, a raft of volunteers – of course – and many Friends of the Raft.

The skill sets of the Board include those of:

Medical Practitioner
Business Manager
Life Coach
Mindfulness Coach
Psychology Graduate
Complementary medicine practitioner
Equine Learning Facilitator
Horse Awareness Coach


self reflection and overcoming fear with the horse's help

Friends of the Raft

Hawks in the Forest
Wessex Osteopathy Clinic
Cottage Lodge Hotel
Maritime Archaeology Trust
Desitech Ltd