New Forest Equine Therapy update

The summer months have produced some wonderful stories of the Horse Raft horses making meaningful connections and soothing people who were suffering from various conditions such as bereavement, cancer and anxiety.

One of the herd actually stopped a gentleman volunteer from digging up ragwort in the field.  He was receiving treatment for cancer but had gallantly offered his services as he felt well enough to be out in the fresh air doing something helpful.  Big Bess came between him and his fork consistently stopping him  from digging; she demanded his attention in a most persistent and unusual way.  Chunky, South African met chunky, black, 16.2 hunter - no contest!

Eyes has gently absorbed all sorts of anxieties and feelings from both cancer and dementia sufferers.  Her calm, non-judgemental acceptance of all people can be a tremendously uplifting experience for those involved and observers alike.

The Horse Raft has entertained groups of carers from in and around the New Forest on some glorious afternoons.  They have relaxed in the sunshine, focussed in a mindful way on their surroundings in nature, learned a little about horse awareness and grounding and finished up with cake!  Hopefully restored and stimulated just a little. 



Spring 2017 success stories

Equine Connections

A heart-warming story from a lady who was suffering from bereavement for over three years. She came for a 1-2-1 equine session, a beautiful setting, a beautiful day, a big gentle horse with whom she made a deep connection, the experience has shifted her grief and she is feeling much restored.

I have also recently facilitated a 1-2-1 session with a lady suffering from cancer and also fearful of horses; she had a lovely time – she and the horse both nodding asleep in the sun. She overcame this personal boundary of fear of horses and this is helping her with other hurdles in her daily life.

Forest Experiences

Guests from Passford House Hotel, Lymington and some from Fordingbridge and Southbourne joined the Raft for a sense of the Forest - we saw a wealth of spring birds busy chasing mates and nesting.  The most noteable of these, a large flock of lapwings displaying and calling most energetically. Plenty of early spring wild flowers - early wood anemones and round-leaved sundew.  The sound and sparkle of a trickling stream and the smell and feel of mossy tree trunks all helped to dispell thoughts of the busy world we live in. A tiny nip of 0ak-aged gin from Dancing Cow and some crisp biscuits stimulated taste and completed the mindful awareness of senses.  


New minibus for guests is here

We have taken delivery of our new minibus, which we will be using to transport our guests!

minibus horse raft

Opportunities for New Forest Hotel Guests

The Horse Raft is linking with Hotels around the Forest to increase the enjoyment and experience of a visit to this unique area. Guests meet at a designated spot, or can be collected, and are taken off the beaten track, deep into the Forest, to experience a mindful sensation of learning and relaxation that adds a different dimension to their memorable stay. Herd observations, flora and fauna, the sights, sounds and smells awaken their senses; they return stimulated but relaxed and attuned to the further delights that await them back at the hotel.

Ladies from Passford House Hotel came on a December walk in search of spawning trout. We saw Dartford Warblers and Fallow Deer and stopped to relax by a sparkling stream.


new forest scene with ponies


new forest tranquility